A Monstyverse NFT
snowboard game
based on Polygon

Collect, trade and
play Monstyverse.

* Currently in development.
You can play and test prototype on
discord, being holder.

Investors &


The Genesis Mint

Launched September 2021. Official Monstys NFT. This is a collection made up of 200 unique handmade Monstys arrived the Polygon blockchain. Limited Edition and super rare due the small number of Monstys to be Minted. Choose your Monsty Mood and welcome to this amazing community.

The Fortune Mint

Launched presale March 3-15 2022 on Polygon Blockchain. A 7777 NFT Second Generation Collection.

Prototype Nft Game app

As holder, you can play, test and give feedback about the game on discord Android Version, Windows and browser. The main mechanics will be included: sliding, jumping, falling. This will be a “finished” level, which allow us to record a presentation video of the project.

Main mechanic of the game (jump, slide, fall, death)* Different kind of ground chunk * Smooth landing * Death animation * Start screen

Backflip mechanic * Detection of good landing

add character feelings when jump or fall (mouth and eyes different) * drag during flight * bounce animation when land

Create collectable item (coin or similar) * Add a collectable counter * “+1 coin” displayed when pick one coin * background animation (dynamic color change)

Pvp Nft Game app release

Full version with holder member benefits Android or IOS version to decide.

The Mutants Premint

Will be created on Ethereum Blockchain

The Mutants Mint

Ethereum Blockchain

Starty app

When Collection SOLD OUT, a network where entrepreneurs and NFT lovers can meet and share

Giveaways & Partnerships

We want to make process attractive to you so we have some surprises along roadmap

You do not want to miss out on this!

Our Collections

Fortune Monsty is a second generation of Monstys. First Collection, Official Monstys NFT is Monsty Genesis, a collection made up of 200 unique handmade Monstys on the Polygon blockchain (No gas fee) A very small volume of Monstys will be minted as a limited edition, which will make them unique. Genesis were created with different moods having different and unique properties and movement/animation. Based in emotions all we have living a life with meaning. From the collection 1% (2 NFT) will be donated to Charity.

7.7k +

Art work

5.2k +


1k +

Vol. Traded



Fortune Monsty

Fortune Monsty is a collection of 7,777 cute & unique 1/1 NFTs available on Polygon blockchain without gas fee. They are being generated by 116 Traits combined by smart contract with different Rarity:

Low rare
Super rare

ETH 0.7

ETH 0.4

ETH 0.05

ETH 0.006

Mutant Monsty

The MUTANT MONSTY is a collection of up to 777 Mutant Monstys that only can be created by exposing an existing Fortune Monsty to a vial of MUTANT POISON or a Mutant Monsty in the public sale. Each NFT is unique and resides on the Ethereum blockchain.
This Collection is upcoming. You can be one of the first to get the available potion.

ETH 0.03

ETH 0.03

Meet our Team

People for specific parts of the project have helped to get here. Designer of this website,  game developer, community manager, discord admin, family & friends support. BIG THANKS ALL OF THEM.


Woman Founder & Monsty Creator
Illustrator NFT Strategist


List price by Rarity

Diamond / 1ETH

Legendary / 0.7ETH

Super rare / 0.5ETH

Rare / o.4ETH

Low rare / 0.1ETH

Common 6 / 0.005ETH

Common 5 / 0.009ETH

Common 4 / 0.008ETH

Common 3 / o.007ETH

Common 2 /0.006ETH

Common 1 / 0.005ETH

Rank Rarity Categories

Diamond / Rank#1

Legendary / Rank#2-10

Super rare / Rank#11-100

Rare / Rank#101-500

Low rare / Rank#501-1000

Common 6 / Rank#1001-2000

Common 5 / Rank#2001-3000

Common 4 / Rank#4001-5000

Common 3 / Rank#5001-6000

Common 2 /Rank#6001-7000

Common 1 / Rank#7001-7777



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