Meet the Walking Ice Cream πŸ’œ

Instroduce yourself and your art, brand, project.*
Ciao! I am an Italian graphic designer that fell in love with NFTs not so long ago. When I looked into this world, I began to conceive my project and I immediately started working on it. Being Italian, I have always loved ice cream and I thought it would have been nice to create some ice cream characters. Everybody loves ice cream, isn’t it true?


How your project was born? how did start?*
I was spending some days experimenting with different styles and characters when I watched a short video of an old ’50s cartoon. That inspired my vintage style, and the first Walking Ice Cream was born shortly after that.


What makes your project different?*
I love what I do, I really do. I’m always trying to create new and original characters to surprise the viewer, but the best part is that I’m having fun doing it. I think people notice that in a project, and it can make all the difference in the world.


What you see different in our Monstys project?*
It’s always the people behind a project that make the difference. I love the design of Monsty and the fact that these characters can be used in a videogame. But what I loved the most about Monsty, is all the people that I met. This is a nice community, with nice people behind a cool project.


How did you meet Monsty?*
We met on Twitter! That’s the place to go if you want to meet new artists and see all the different projects.


Why you love NFT?*
I love the community. When I started, I just thought that NFTs were a different way of selling some cool art, but then I had the luck of meeting many new people and artists. The community is amazing and always supportive, and it makes you feel part of a big family.






Monsty Love to all of you! πŸ’œ